Psychological Disorders

These Psychological Disorders being treated at LPH.

The mental, psychological and muscular disorders are affecting a major part of our population. There is insufficient knowledge, doubts, suspicions and improper fears about these diseases in our society, which are an obstacle in curing these disorders. Majority of the mentally ill are not aware of their disease. And to top it all their relatives consider the patients to be under the spell of magic or demons, these superstitions compel them to go to the so-called religious devotees and shrines. This web-site is meant to guide a common man towards the right path of curing the mental or psychological or muscular disorders through latest scientific knowledge.

DEPRESSION:- When life becomes colorless 
Depression is the most common of all psychological disorders. This disorder can be cured completely if proper treatment is provided. 
•  General loss of interest in usual activities. 
•  Feeling of inferiority complex, incompetence, hopelessness and guilty conscious. 
•  Loss of energy, fatigue and irritating feelings. 
•  Headaches, pains, gastrointestinal disorders, giddiness and insomnia. 
•  Feeling of worthlessness and low self-esteem leading to suicidal tendencies. 
•  Pessimistic approach towards life. 
•  Disturbance in sleep patterns. 
•  Irregular eating habits. 
This disorder is more in women than compared to men. According to a survey 35 million people of Pakistan are either affected or are likely to be effected by this disorder.

This disorder is also very common, but needs proper treatment. 
•  Anxiety, palpitation and fear of the unseen. 
•  Restlessness and difficulty in breathing. 
•  Muscular tremors and dryness of mouth. 
•  Frequent passing of stool and urine. 
•  Nausea, loose motions or heart burning. 
•  Sweating of hands and feet. 
•  Feeling of frustration. 
•  Difficulty in sustaining attention or interest. 
The patients of this disorder generally consult heart or chest and liver specialists. This disorder can be cured with immediate drugs and psychotherapy treatment. 

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder carries the following symptoms. 
•  Recurring thoughts of cleanliness. eg: taking bath for hours. 
•  Unreasonable thoughts concerning religion, faith, illness and sexual matters. 
•  Doubtful and suspicious approach towards every work. 
•  Lack of decision making. 
•  Working repeatedly without satisfaction. 
•  The remedy for this disorder is medicines and psychological treatment. 

This disorder is usually found in children. It effects their mental growth. 
•  Lack of mental capability as compared to fellow mates. 
•  Lethargic behavior while sitting, standing, walking or talking. 
•  Lack of attention span in studies. 
•  Delayed physical growth. 
•  Anger, restlessness, uneasiness and violent attitude at all time. 
•  The patient salivates constantly. 
•  Difficulty in hearing and impaired eyesight. 
•  Unable to take care of everyday requirements. 

There are three types of Mental Retardation. 
•  Ordinary Mental Weakness 
•  Mediocre Mental Weakness 
•  Intense Mental Weakness 

Some of the types of this disease can be cured if the cause is diagnosed in its early stage. Other types can be treated through proper counseling and medication. 

Maniac Depressive Illness and Schizophrenia are the worst types of psychotic disorders. The symptoms are as follows. Symptoms:-(Maniac Depressive Illness) 
•  Suicidal approach towards life. 
•  Despair and intense gloomy outlook. 
•  Short tempered attitude. 
•  Loss of appetite and weight. 
•  Abnormally over active and responsive attitude in an erratic manner. 
•  Switching from on topic to the other rapidly. 
•  Abnormal fluctuation of moods and emotions. 
•  Nuisance talking and singing at the top of his lungs. 

•  The patient looses contact with reality and lives in his own imaginative world. 
If disturbed becomes violent and wants to be left alone. 
•  Poorly organized personality. 
•  Responses toward delusions and hallucinations as real. 
•  The patient thinks himself to be healthy. 
•  Bizarre mannerism. 
•  Giggling and laughing spells. 

This psychological distress is either converted into body or mental complaints. These symptoms are due to hysteria. Thus, the patient achieves his primary object, “ATTENTION”. Hysteria takes different forms, which are as follows:
•  Motor disability like paralysis of the legs. 
•  Recurring state of unconsciousness. 
•  Speech impairment, loss of hearing and vision. 
•  Inability to walk or move. 
•  Loss of memory (Amnesia). 
•  Sleep walking or talking. 
•  Erratic trance-like body movements, while addressing others in a demon-like voice. 
•  The diagnosis of this disorder should be done very carefully and the psychological aspects of the patient must be kept in mind, then only the treatment is possible. 

It is divided into two types. The first type in which the symptoms appear after the age of 65 and the second types occur before 65 years. The causes of Organic Psychiatry are mental disorders, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. 
•  The patient is usually unable to recall immediate events, but retains his past memories. 
•  Negligence towards appearance. 
•  Becomes shameless and shows signs of lunatic behavior. 
•  Melancholic attitude. 
•  This disorder can be cured through proper medication. 

The main cause of this disorder is lack of proper knowledge. Some of the major 
symptoms are premature ejaculation,poor interst in sex (Male or Female). 

The use of Heroin, wine, Marijuana, Opium, Cocaine and tranquilizes are on the rise in our society. Drug addiction is curable but it takes time and patience. At Lahore Psychiatric Hospital the drug addicts are treated through the latest American diagnostic know-how. 
The patient (addict) is admitted for 15 days, during this period the doctors treat the patient's cramps and other psychological disorders. The remaining effect of drugs circulating in the blood of the patient is removed with the help of injections and drips. After the above treatment a tablet is administrated daily to the patient. This causes a positive effect on the patient and he avoids drugs, aggressively. 
•  Pain in the limbs and tremors. 
•  Anxiety and abusive language. 
•  Bodily pains, vomiting and acute motions. 
•  Sleeplessness (Insomnia). 
•  The patient feels recurring spasm. 

This ailment needs immediate attention; otherwise it can cause severe damage to the brain. Many types of fits can occur in this disorder. 
•  Fits of convulsion and unconsciousness (GRANDMAL). 
•  Stiffness of limbs. 
•  Frothing of the mouth. 
•  Urinating during fits. 
•  Shock-like fits to the body remain usually for 20 seconds. After the fits the patient remains disoriented for sometime. These fits can also occur during sleep. 

The patient remains in a state of trance and is disoriented from 5 to 30 seconds. These fits are more common in children. 

The patient losses balance and fall down, but neither feels convulsion nor unconsciousness. 

The patient feels involuntary spasm in a muscle or muscles without being unconscious. 

This disorder is characterized by hostile and destructive complex behavioral phenomenon. 

This disease does not carry the conditions of convulsion or unconsciousness. Autonomic disorder has physical symptoms like acute gastrointestinal pains, vomiting, sweating, excess of saliva, etc. 

The patient of Status Epileptic encounters constant fits, he remains unconscious and attack of convulsion keeps on recurring. Death can occur if not treated properly.